Apparel for Change

Like any entrepreneur, I am optimistic that this company can grow, but it’s also important to make a difference. The idea of GR8LKS was to do just that.

Although it’s not a new concept we hope to be the next in the growing sector of socially responsible companies. From day one we have set our eyes on something bigger than a single shirt or even a brand.

Growing up in the coast of Lake Michigan, we have had the opportunity to enjoy the lakes and its many wonders at a moment’s notice. We have also been made very aware of the growing issue of marine debris. Plastics and glass pollute our coastlines and if not removed make their way into the water. All of this plastic and other trash has an extremely negative effect on the population of marine life. It’s hard to say what will happen if this trend is continued through the coming years, however, I for one, don’t want to find out.

Today, I went to one stretch of beach near my house with bags and proceeded to fill 3 bags in one hour, on about 100 ft. of shoreline. This is one isolated area on Lake Michigan, and I was able to collect enough trash to fill 3 grocery bags. If you happen to be wondering how big a problem there really is, I hope this gives you a quick view.

Our goal is to hopefully make a lasting impact on the coastline by removing trash both onshore and off. We’re optimistic that we can make a difference and are excited to offer everyone the chance to be a part of it. For each retail dollar spent we will spend one minute of time cleaning our Great Lakes. Now with the purchase of our gear, you can be a part of the team that hopes to make a large dent in the marine debris epidemic!

We hope to bring everyone apparel that they will not only like, but also be proud to wear.

We are GR8LKS!