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$1 = 1 Minute

For each retail dollar spent we will spend one minute of our time towards cleaning the water and shoreline of the Great Lakes. Our goal is to make apparel that you not only like to wear but that you can be proud to wear knowing it is helping to lead towards a more sustainable future.

Through your support and the purchase of GR8LKS apparel, we've spent 5,300 minutes toward removing trash from the Great Lakes & coastlines to-date. 


Since the beginning, GR8LKS has used eco-friendly fabric. Eco-friendly fabric is created by blending traditional fibers with certified organic cotton, eco-spun polyester (which is made from recycled bottles "RPET") and rayon made from converted plant cellulose. Learn More



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"A clothing company to combat pollution."

— Muskegon Times


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Michigan native Pete Gawkowski is passionate about the Great Lakes. Pete grew up along the shores of Lake Michigan and have been friends for seventeen years. Pete developed a concept to sell high-quality, comfortable apparel using certified organic cotton and recycled materials while making a direct impact on the epidemic of marine debris in the Great Lakes. They knew they could leverage better-made apparel while keeping trash out of the landfills; out of the rivers; out of the great lakes. Apparel that people could wear with the knowledge that they were helping restore balance to the great lakes region. More conversations developed into a concept and eventually the pair decided to start GR8LKS.

GR8LKS provides durable, eye-catching clothing in a sustainable and socially responsible manner that not only brings awareness to the increasing issue of marine debris but positively impacts the Great Lakes ecosystem through the $1 = 1-minute promise.